PROTECTA FR Cable Transit


PROTECTA®FR Cable Transit consists of a steel sleeve in many different size with a heat expanding material that seals the Cable Transit in case of a fire. It is fitted together with with fire sealing or large gaps in order to simplify the future cable installations. In this way, You are free to install as many cables or plastic piping there is room for, and secure that the future fire sealing is intact. The Black plugs in each end are taken out when installing new cables an refitted afterwards.

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Concrete wall/floor   D = 50 mm / 65 x 65 mm120
Protecta FR BoardD = 50 mm / 65 x 65 mm60

Concrete wall/floorD = 90 mm / 95 x 95 mm90
Protecta FR BoardD = 90 mm / 95 x 95 mm60

At Concrete wall/ceiling the block shall be sealed with PROTECta FR Acrylic mastic 15 mm and 20 mm rock wool both wall/ceiling side.

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